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Big Bert


Robert "Big Bert" Smith

Robert Big Bert Smith is a big up and coming producer even though he has been around for a long time. He made his break in the industry when Rodney Jerkins hired him as a writer and joined the Darkchild team, he then went on to co-producing along side Rodney on quite a few tracks including B2K & The Spice Girls . While working on the Brandy project he and Brandy got close and started seeing other secretly. He got his biggest break on the Brandy Full Moon project where he produced two tracks on his own without the help of Rodney they were Wow & the duet with Ray J Die without you. Robert decided if he was going to make it as a big producer in the business he couldnt do it in the shadow of Rodney Jerkins so he branched out on his own. He then went out to produce for Trin-I-tee 5:7, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland and a host of other stars giving them a new sound that were generally slow jams with an old school feel. Robert and Brandy had a baby called Syrai, but have unfortunately split up now, but continue to raise there daughter together. Robert is a very in demand producer at the moment and has been working with new artists such as Timbalands Beatclub artist Kiley Dean. Im sure youll be hearing a lot more of Robert Big Bert Smith!    


Alysha Antonino - Dreams (Co-produced)

Az Yet - My Place

B2K - I Bet (Co-produced)

Brandy - If I (I'll Do Anything For You)

Brandy - When You Touch Me (Co-produced)

Brandy - Wow

Brandy Feat_Ray J - Die Without You

Dave Hollister - Baby Do Those Things

Dave Hollister - I'm Wrong

Dave Hollister - It's Okay

Jessica Simpson - Imagination (Co-produced)

Kelly Rowland - Love / Hate

Kiley Dean - Better Than The Day

Kiley Dean - Confused

Kiley Dean - Cry

Kiley Dean - Gold Digger

Kiley Dean - Should I

Kiley Dean - This Must Be Love

Ray J - Crazy (Co-produced)

Rhona - First Time (Co-produced)

Rhona - Our Last Goodbye (Co-produced)

Shorty 101 - My Heart Beats For You

Spice Girls - Get Down With Me (Co-produced)

Toni Braxton - Always

Toni Braxton - Selfish

Trin-I-tee - All My Life

Trin-I-tee - I Wish