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Album Reviews

Janet Jackson - Damita Jo

Damita Jo

Nice track laid back a little reminiscent of Thats the way love goes



Most banging track on the album. I get a prince vibe off it. Nice Dallas Austin track

Strawberry Bounce

Some people may find it a little annoying with the repetative best and the la la la la in it. Stange use of the word mother fucker. I dont really understand that bit. The track is a grower

My Baby

Really cool track maybe should have been the first single. Laid back.


Spending Time With You

Really nice track when you hear youll wonder why it sounds familiar.It has not sampled anything but it sounds like something you have heard before. A lot of people have different suggestions on what track it sounds like.
Island Life

The poppiest but probably one of the best ones on the album. Cathy Dennis co wrote this with Janet.

All Nite (Don't Stop)

Not very catchy but good. I dont really know what to say about it though.

R&B Junkie

The title is very misleading. This track is very old school. Catchy and will grow on you. A highlight on the album.

I Want You

Although its the next single not very good. Its grown on me a little but there is no way this track could be successful as a single. Kanye West is far too over rated.

Like You Dont' Love Me

Nice track.

Thinkin' Bout My Ex

This track shows Babyface has still got it. Very nice ballad probably my favourite track on the album which is quite surprising since Im not a massive ballad fan.


Very very erotic. Its basically about giving a guy head. Very erotic.


The title says all. Nice track to screw to.

Probably the worst track on the album. Doesnt stand out.


Very track kind of a house beat.
Just A Little While

We all know it good pop song

All in all a good album. You need to listen to it more than once. Its very rounded and needs to be listened to in full. There are no stand out singles and it is very laid back with a couple of edgy ones. I personally think Janet is the best artist in the business and she cant do wrong in my eyes.